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DESERT STORM Fragrance & Beauty

The DESERT STORM signature fragrance bottle. Specially cut and hand-painted to reflect light with the exuberance of a polished diamond, this handmade crystal bottle exudes the spirit of excellence for which the brand is known.

A unique luxury brand, DESERT STORM is for the discerning individual, who knows and appreciates fragrance and beauty at its finest…

At the core is a luxury fragrance range – exotic scents created for the perfume lover, who desires a fragrance experience that is hard to attain and even harder to forget.

We create high-quality oil fragrances of Arabian and Oriental notes. Each individual fragrance is set in a base note using the highest quality Super A premium Oudh oil, directly sourced from factory plantations in the Far East. The current range comprises of oudh oils from Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Each of the middle and top note fragrances are 100% perfume oil,  imported  from a perfume creation house in the Grasse region of France, delivering an authentic and luxurious fragrance experience.

For our bakhoor and incense bouquet, we use ingredients sourced from the Arabia and Far East regions, including raw Oudh wood chips and powder (agarwood), frankincense, myrr, amber and musk.

The bakhoor and incense powder range is infused with concentrated perfume oil and delivers the perfect experience for hair, body and home scenting.

The house of DESERT STORM also offers beauty cosmetics and exclusive gold and diamond jewellery.


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